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House of Bags wants to raise awareness and stimulates cleaner sustainable solutions.

We are leader in tailor-made productions of smart, sturdy and practical bags. For our bags we only use truly recycled materials. Our basics have been designed to contribute to a mobile and more comfortable lifestyle.


We understand like no other people’s everyday needs in both comfort and service. For these on-the-go people we have developed a surprising good and affordable range of sustainable bags.

We are all responsible for the ecological footprint of the products we use every day. Developing bags is not something new, but we really only use truly recycled materials during the development of all our bags. For us, sustainability means the use of better materials that have a lower impact on the environment.

Beyond expectations

It’s in our veins to embrace the future with curiosity and optimism.

We understand sustainability and how to implement it in our supply chain.
It is a never-ending cycle of continuous improvements. New solutions such as recycled plastics and waterless dyeing processes contribute seriously to cleaner productions. To push our development process forward, we continue to expand our knowledge of the latest innovations.

Creating future-proof solutions and cleaner production processes by demand less from natural sources.

Sustainability journey

It takes two to tango, sustainability is a team effort and so we actively involve our stakeholders in the complete sustainability journey.

We support quality assurance management, product & social compliance, ongoing factory audits and follow amfori BSCI and Global Recycled Standards.

Brands for bags

Sportr, Souprbags, XD DESIGN and DutchDesignBags are exclusive in-house brands.
All our brands carry a clear sustainable signature and a quirky identity.

Sportr is a sustainable athleisure brand. Souprbags are smooth functional bags made of recycled PET bottles. The DutchDesignBags are tailor-made produced in line with the customer’s needs.

The world wants creative and better solutions. At Souprbags, we try to take huge steps forward towards a cleaner and more sustainable world.

Enjoy sustainability by making plastic waste awesome. Our solutions are innovative, smooth functional bags made from 100% recycled PET bottles.


Sportr supports warriors. Especially the free spirits who want to enjoy the fullness of life and nature.

Therefor we provide long lasting quality bags and always give more than a 100% for your comfort and a sustainable world. Like you do too.




Other brands that walk beside us
on our sustainable journey.

Collaboration partners

We are proud sustainability partner of various successful international operating brands.


Our dedicated teams look forward cooperating with you.


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